Damúza was founded in 1999 by students of DAMU – the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.
Today, Damúza serves as a production unit supporting emerging theater performers and ambitious projects by students and recent graduates of DAMU. Our focus lies in original productions, particularly in puppetry, art, and object theater for both children and adults.

We provide young, aspiring artists with opportunities to realize their own theater projects and gain field experience. Additionally, we offer professional artists the freedom for independent work, creativity, and opportunities for experimentation and self-expression.

The core of our repertoire consists of puppet performances for families with children, where our young audience becomes our equal partners. Our aim is to ensure that parents enjoy spending time with their children at the theater.

Since 2014, we have been developing the genre of ‚theater for early years‘ in the Czech Republic. To date, we have produced over 10 performances for this specific audience and organize the ‚KUK‘ festival throughout Czechia. In 2024, Damúza is set to open the first Czech venue for early years audiences – Theatre KUK.

However, in our view, puppet theater isn’t solely intended for children. Thus, in collaboration with the artistic group Fekete Seretlek, we create music and theater projects for adults, which we showcase on various stages and festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We have already presented our performances in 15 European countries, including Italy, France, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and others.

Damúza boasts a repertoire of over 40 productions for families with children and adults alike. We typically stage almost 350 shows annually.

Our performances available for international touring include:

For adults – in Czech or English:
Krajina v Batůžku (Land in a Backpack)

For children – without words:


For further information, please contact us at divadlo@damuza.cz.