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Studio DAMÚZA has been active on a theatre scene since 1999. It used to be connected with the space of the same name, which was placed in the medieval cellar of the house in Řetězová street in the Old Town of Prague. DAMÚZA lost the opportunity of using this space in 2004 and it was looking for its new image for a while as a permanent guest at the Theatre Na Zábradlí among other places.

Currently DAMÚZA incorporates production managers and producers supporting original theatre artists, musicians and other mainly visual artists, who want to reveal, provoke and explore away from the regular theatre institutions.

Since its beginning the studio has been mainly focused on ambitious projects of students and fresh graduates of DAMU (Academy of Performing Arts in Prague). We still keep this line and support it.

Currently our dramaturgy has been settled in two lines:

Support of original and revealing projects for advanced and theatre – educated audience, who is looking for something new. Our projects are characterised by connecting genres of alternative, visual and puppet theatre, music and dance.

In cooperation with the Departement of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague we prepare subtle puppet fairy tales, which are destinguished by perfect performance, minimal cast, author's approach to puppets and visual point of the performance, with a stress to a strong message of a story.

We hope, that fresh and brave dramaturgy of studio DAMÚZA will interest you!